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Ronstan 100mm Core Single Block

Ronstan 100mm Core Single Block


Single, universal head


High dynamic and static load capacity.

High load bearing system.

Ball bearings to counteract side thrust loads.

Class leading performance and sleek, contemporary styling.

Durable aluminium alloy cheek plates.

Central hub hole can be used as a becket take-off or tie-up point.

Also available in Series 45, 60 & 75Univers


Al head with full 3-axis articulation.


Head posts can be locked at 0 or 90 degrees, by using a 2.5mm Hex Key


Product Specifications
B.L. (kg)7500
M.W.L. (kg)3250
Max. Rope diameter (mm)18
Weight (g)900
Pin Ø (mm)10
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