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Vaikobi Hiker Force Suit

Vaikobi Hiker Force Suit

  • Product collaboration with 15 x World Laser Masters Champion Brett Beyer
  • Innovative adjustable waist back section provides dynamic body support, which is critical for long periods of hiking
  • Unisex hiker design with loads of adjustments for a secure fit on all sailors
  • Proven, no fuss external fixed batten system stays in place while sailing
  • Each leg has 4 unbreakable extruded fibreglass battens and a 1000D Cordura reinforced pad area
  • Trimable leg length to ¾ or ⅝ to suit your preference
  • Option to cross straps over or keep straight straps - to suit your shoulders
  • Long-lasting - firm 5mm neoprene VAR panels provide structure and support to the thigh and seat area, where most hiking suits fail first
  • Low stretch areas for structure, so you can hike harder for longer 
  • Medium stretch areas for support and performance
  • High stretch 3mm neoprene areas where comfort is needed, such as the crotch, and behind the knees
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